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East Bay Express BEST EDIBLES 2010 and 2011!

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MED. $15, REC. $17

Clarified Cookies

(Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter)

100mg THC


Moon Chocolate Bars

(Blasted Toffee, Spaceman Mint, Cosmic Cappuccino)

100mg THC


Sensi Chew

(Indica, Insomnia)

100mg THC


MED. $19, REC. $22

Bhang Chocolate Bars

(Peppermint, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate)

100mg THC


Bhang 1:1 Chocolate Bars

(Caramel Chocolate)

86mg THC : 100mg CBD


Kanha Treats Gummies

(Sour Grapes, Strawberry, Pineapple)

100mg THC



Espresso Bean Pips, Malt Ball Pips


100mg THC


Plus Gummies

(Create, Energize)

100mg THC


Plus Gummies


90mg THC : 10mg CBD


Kushy Punch Gummies

(Indica, Hybrid)

100mg THC


Kushy Punch Gummies


60mg THC : 30mg CBD


MED. $25, REC. $28

Plus Gummies

(CBD Relief)

100mg CBD : <2mg THC


MED. $27, REC. $30

Kanha Treats

(Blueberry Tranquility 1:1CBD) 50mgCBD : 50mgTHC

(Sour Apple 20:1 CBD) 100mg CBD : 5mg THC

(Watermelon 20:1 CBD) 95mg CBD : 5mg THC

(Peach 4:1 CBD) 100mg CBD : 25mg THC

Satori Chocolates

(Strawberry in Milk, Raisins in Dark)

100mg THC


MED. $31, REC. $35

Sensi Chew

CBD Platinum

100mg CBD : 0mg THC


Satori CBD-Rich Chocolates

(Strawberries in Milk, Salted Caramel Almonds in Dark)

140mg CBD : 14mg THC


MED. $32 REC. $36

Level Protab


250mg THC