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East Bay Express BEST EDIBLES 2010 and 2011!

Menu updated 03/22/18 8:00 am



Prices include all taxes


MED. $3, REC. $4

Honey Stick

Cannabis Infused

MED. $13, REC. $15

Gummi Cares (CBD Plus)

Cannabis Infused

MED. $20, REC. $22

Higherveda Snooze Bar (Indica)

Cannabis Infused

Vive Micro Tabs (Hybrid)

Cannabis Infused

Strictly Edibles Mini Cookies (Birthday Cookies)

Cannabis Infused

Korova Mini Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Saturday Morning)

Cannabis Infused

MED. $25, REC. $28

J:MEDS Sugar Free Cannabis Mints (High CBD 1:12)

Cannabis Infused

MED. $30, REC. $32

Garden Society

Bright Bloom Gummies

Cannabis Infused

MED. $32, REC. $35

Sensi Chew (CBD)

Cannabis Infused

MED. $38

Breez CBD Mints (1:1)

Cannabis Infused

MED. $39, REC. $41

(FG) OG Kush Tincture (0.5oz)

Cannabis Infused

MED. $41, REC. $45

Tincture Liquid CBD

Cannabis Infused

MED. 58, REC. $65

(FG) OG Kush Tincture (1oz)

Cannabis Infused

* Hash refers to concentrated cannabis processed through water.

** Kief refers to non-processed crystals collected from plant matter.

*** Oil refers to concentrated cannabis using any method of separation other than water.