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What Are We Looking For?

Updated 01/22/18

General Information

PHPC welcomes patient-vendors with high quality medication in all grades. We pride ourselves in having the best quality medication, including flowers, concentrates, and edibles.

All purchases will be contingent on safety test results. Purple Heart Patient Center's safety standards match those set by the FDA for milk and dairy products.
Chemical screening:  Make sure your final product is free of all pesticides.  
Microbiological screening:  Your product must pass microbiological screening for bacteria, mold, yeast, coliform, and E. coli.   

Purple Heart vending procedures have changed to accommodate the testing requirements.   

  1. Purple Heart will view the medicine and give the vendor a set price. 
  2. PHPC must then hold the entire product while waiting for test results.  The patient-vendor will be given a purchase order form and a pick-up date for payment.
  3. At time of pick up the patient-vendor will be paid the agreed upon amount and the test results will be discussed. 
  4. Failing medicine, less the lab sample and weight loss, will simply be returned to the vendor.

Vending hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am - 1 pm

Basic Requirements

Top Shelf Flowers Requirements

Our pricing is based on the over-all appeal of the flowers. This is broken down into three categories: Size, Smell, and Looks. Flowers must pass in all three categories to receive top shelf payment, as well as based on the needs for the particular type of flowers.

We recommend that you bring extra medication to supplement for possible weight loss or unacceptable finds.

Top Shelf flowers requirements:

Vending Schedule

Monday - Friday
8:00am -1:00pm

As space permits, the buyer will look at your medicine and either:

Clones Requirements

We are very selective with our clone vendors. We only consider vendors that follow ALL of our specified requirements.