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Product Safety Standards

Lab Testing

Every cannabis product we carry is pre-tested from a licensed third-party laboratory for safety testing. The lab analysis conforms to California State standards, established by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, regarding cannabis product testing.

Lab tests include, but are not limited to:


Bacterial Testing

Aerobic Bacteria – Inhaling aerobic bacteria is dangerous for immunocompromised patients. Purple Heart allows up to 100,000 APC count, consistent with the FDA limit for cooked and chilled prepared food.

E. Coli – A deadly bacteria indicative of human and animal waste. Pseudomonas – A highly dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Coliforms – Spore-forming bacteria found in the gut of animals.

Yeast/Mold – A pathogenic to humans causing aspergillosis and other lung diseases. Purple Heart’s standard is less than FDA levels for dairy products.


Chemical Residue Screening

Chemical pesticides and fungicides are highly toxic; exposure to pesticides may lead to acute health problems and many serious diseases.


Residual Solvent Testing

All concentrated medical cannabis products are tested to ensure there are no trace amounts of residual solvents (e.g. butane, alcohol, or hexane).



Aerobic Bacteria <100,000 CFU*/gram
E. Coli 0 CFU/gram
Pseudomonas 0 CFU/gram
Coliforms <100 CFU/gram
Yeast/Mold <10,000 CFU/gram
Chemical Residue <1 parts/million
Residual Solvent <400 parts/million

*CFU – Colony Forming Units